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Posdoctoral positions

The Physics Department of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Universidad de Chile, welcomes postdoctoral researchers sponsored by its professors.

Every year, the Chilean commission for science at technology (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica en Chile-CONICYT) makes a call to fund postdoctoral projects for a period up to three years. The application takes place between April and June and the candidates should begin their project between September and November of each year.
To apply the candidate should present a research project under the sponsorship of a professor of the Physics Department. We encourage applicants to check the research lines of the Departmennt.
For more information, contact the Head of the Department or directly with the professor that will act as sponsor.


Useful links:

  • Physics Department
  • Last year call (presently close, but it is useful to check dates, forms, and results)