The Department of Physics since its creation has formed scientists of a very good level. In its 55 years more than 200 undergraduates have graduated, and have worked in a diverse group of institutions, both national and foreign. These students were formed in an ambient with synergy, with other students, professors and researchers in engineering and exact sciences. Here physical concepts and methods are developed immersed in a technological school, and the in depth curriculum in physics generates unique opportunities in the formation of engineers, geologists, astronomers and geophysicists. The Department’s graduates have an exceptional education, at an international level. It also provides an stimulating ambient, that gives physicists original problems of impact.

Presently our Bachelor’s program in Physics has been attracting more students, offering formation in experimental, theoretical and numerical aspects of physics. A large part of our graduates follow graduate studies, either in Chile or abroad.

The development of the Physics Department has been closely related with the development of the discipline in Chile and to the formation of new scientists in Physics, initially through its Master’s program, and later through the Doctorate’s program.

Initially the areas of research in the Physics Department were nuclear and molecular physics, crystallography, microwave and cosmic radiation. Presently it focuses its efforts in nuclear, non linear, computational physics, cosmology and gravitation, physics of surfaces and nano science, non linear optics, granular media and hydrodynamics, and condensed matter.