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Master Series in Physics

Oxford University Press (2016)

Rodrigo Soto

Table of Contents

1. Basic concepts

2. Distribution functions

3. The Lorentz model for the classical transport of charges

4. The Boltzmann equation for dilute gases

5. Brownian motion

6. Plasmas and gravitational systems

7. Quantum gases

8. Quantum electronic transport in solids

9. Semiconductors and interband transitions

10. Numerical and semianalytical methods


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Solution Manual

The book has 177 proposed exercises. There is a Solution Manual with 84 problems solved. This book can be obtained free of charge at the OUP site


"Soto has written the modern, accessible textbook that a field as important as kinetic theory deserves. Written by a practitioner, its style, with clear motivations, lots of figures, frequent references to further reading and pointers to the minefields awaiting the keen novice, makes it particularly useful for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty quickly."

Gunnar Pruessner, Imperial College London, UK.


"Professor Soto has done a marvellous job of producing an introductory text on non-equilibrium systems and transport phenomena. This book, written in an inviting informal style with a wide range of exercises, is suitable for advanced undergraduate or early graduate students. The organisation, beginning with fundamental concepts and methods, and proceeding to classical and modern applications, will spark interest from many areas of physics."

Dimitri Vvedensky, Imperial College London, UK.

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