Patricio Cordero


Dirección: Blanco Encalada 2008

Fono: 9784348

Cargo: Profesor Titular (Jornada parcial)

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Lineas de Investigación

Materia granular
Teoría cinética
Álgebras generadoras de espectro en mecánica cuántica


2016 – 2005
Effect of the vibration profice in shallow granular systems
P Cordero, D Risso, R Soto
Philosophical Transactions A Theme Issue – Topics on Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Nonlinear Physics (II) 2015
Characterization of the energy bursts in vibrated shallow granular systems
N Rivas, P Cordero, D Risso, R Soto
Granular Matter , 14 157-162 (2012)
Segregation in quasi two-dimensional granular systems
N Rivas, P Cordero, D Risso, R Soto
New Journal of Physics , 13 055018 (2011)
Sudden chain energy transfer events in vibrated granular media
N Rivas, S Ponce, B Gallet, D Risso, R Soto, P Cordero and N Mujica
Phys. Rev. Letters 106, 088001 (2011) .
Brazil nut effect: Influence of friction and jamming on the transition line
Patricio Cordero, Sergio Godoy, Dino Risso and Rodrigo Soto
AIP Conference Proceedings Volume 1091, (2009), «MODELING AND SIMULATION OF NEW MATERIALS: Proceedings of Modeling and imulation of New Materials: Tenth Granada Lectures», Joaquín Marro, Pedro L. Garrido and Pablo I. Hurtado, eds, p 124-133
Rise of a Brazil nut: A transition line
Sergio Godoy, Dino Risso, Rodrigo Soto and Patricio Cordero
Phys. Rev. E 78, 031301 (2008).
Liquid-solid-like transition in quasi-one-dimensional driven granular media
M.G. Clerc, P. Cordero, J. Dunstan, K. Huff, N. Mujica, D. Risso and G. Varas
Nature Physics, 4 249 (2008)
Extended hydrodynamics from Enskog’s equation for a two-dimensional system: general formalism
Hideaki Ugawa and Patricio Cordero
Journal of Stat. Phys. 127 339 (2007)
Tiny reversible rearrangement trasitions in granular systems
Patricio Cordero and Dino Risso
Physica A 371 37 (2006)
Friction and convection in a vertically vibrated granular system
D. Risso, R. Soto, S. Godoy and P. Cordero
Phys Rev E 72 011305 (2005)
Steady quasi-homogeneous granular gas state, Steady quasi-homogeneous granular gas state
P. Cordero, D. Risso and R. Soto
Physica A 356 54 (2005)
Analysis of the spectrum generating algebra method for obtaining energy spectra
Patricio Cordero and Jamil Daboul
Journ. Math. Phys. 46 053507 (2005)



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