Posiciones post-doctorales en Núcleo Milenio

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The Milenium Nucleus for Multifunctional Materials for the Applied Surface Science (MultiMat) is a specialized center for nanostructured superficial systems (NSS) having experience in growing, characterization and modelling. Our main research focus is on Li-ion batteries (LiB), a topic with strong impact on energy and sustainability for Chile and the world.

The phenomena occurring on LiB are complexes and they require interdisciplinary research efforts, which are coordinated through the following research lines:

  • NSS fabrication methods: implementation of advanced technics on distribution control and topography for obtaining submicrometric structures.
  • NSS surfaces: study on model systems for the development of physical and chemical characterization of materials at the nanoscale.
  • NSS for LiB: research on nanostructured materials (NWs, NPs, NTs) having projection to compose the cathodes of a new generation of LiB, specially as thin films.
  • NSS modeling: development of calculation methods for chemical reaction modelling, molecular interaction with surfaces and charge transport of systems of interest, being a guide for the selection of appropriate materials for LiB.

We are currently looking for two postdoctoral researchers with a Doctorate in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering or related sciences, with the ability to work in a multidisciplinary team:


We expect that the interested applicants present the following skills:

  • Experience in computational modelling of materials and surfaces at the nanoscale, as well their interaction with adsorbates. Capabilities to develop his/her own code are also required.
  • Knowledge in at least two computational implementations of Density Functional Theory (in particular Quantum Espresso and SIESTA), as well their corresponding post-processing tools. It is also important knowing in the Monte Carlo method, parallel computation and interest for the study of problems involving diffusion through fractal structures at the nanoscale.
  • Abilities to integrate an interdisciplinary research group and interests on interpretation of experimental results.

Requirements to Apply 

  • Doctor grade on Materials Science, Physics or Chemistry.
  • Availability to reside in the city of Temuco, Chile.


We expect that the interested applicants present the following skills:

  • Experience in surface characterization by using scanning probe microscopy.
  • It is desirable, experience in the use and assembly of vacuum equipment.
  • Be familiar with the topic of lithium batteries.
  • Have interest in support the computational simulation´s interpretation.

Requirements to apply:

  • Doctor grade on Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering or related sciences.
  • Availability to reside in the city of Santiago, Chile.


  • Scientific production
  • Demonstrable skills to integrate interdisciplinary research teams
  • Academics references


  • Curriculum Vitae, including copy(ies) of grade certificate(s) and relevant publications.
  • Motivation letter grounding the reasons to apply.
  • Candidates should provide the name, position, affiliation and email contact of at least two (2) researchers who could provide references of his/her work. It is understood by the commission reviewing the applications that all names provided can be contacted without getting the permission of the candidate.
  • The position duration is one year, renewable until August 2020. Salary conditions are similar to Fondecyt Postdoctoral Program 2015. An initial amount for operational expenses is also considered.

Please send you application to Marcela Valle: mavalle@uc.cl
The postdoctoral position will remain open until to find the appropriate researcher.

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