Claudio Romero


Address: Av. Blanco Encalada 2008, Piso 1

Phone: 9784823

Charge: Profesor Asistente (Jornada parcial)

Web Page

Research Lines

Area de investigación: Redes neuronales, simulaciones computacionales del estado líquido, radioquímica, radiobiología y biofísica


Ivan J. Matus Bloch and Claudio Romero Z., “Firing Sequence Storage Using Inhibitory Synapses in Networks of Pulsatil Nonhomogeneous Integrate-and-Fire Neural Oscillators”, Phys. Rev. E 66, 036127 (2002).

C. Romero and C.D. Jonah “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Optical Absorption Spectrum of the Hydrated Electron”, J. Chem. Phys. 90 (3), 1877-1887 (1989).

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