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The Future of Hearing Restauration

8 September, 2017 / 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

Theodor Doll
Hannover Medical School MHH – BioMaterial Engineering
Cluster of Excellence Hearing 4 All

Cochlea Implants (CI), developed since the 1970ies worldwide, have helped patients with severe hearing loss and deafness to reparticipate in communication and ability to work.
Whilst lots has been achieved and deserves absolute appreciation, a few issues remain. One are cases of residual hearing loss after CI implantation, others are rare cases of protein damage-like long-term outcomes and, most prominent, the inability of CI users to focus on one signal source inmidst of a so-called multi-babble situation, which hinders from social interaction in many situations of daily life.

The German Cluster of Excellence “Hearing 4 All”, hosted by the University of Oldenburg and Hannover Medical School, which has the world’s largest CI implant centre in conjunction with hearing research tackles these and more issues at the frontiers of actual science. In my talk I will highlight several research directions Hannover devotes itself and draw a picture where ongoing and future research with Chile’s leading researchers from materials science, physics, psychophysics, electrochemistry, physiology and neuroanatomy and clinical research will help to foster a planned “Centro Chileno-Aleman de la Audición” with mutual benefits.

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8 September, 2017
4:15 pm - 5:15 pm


Sala F12 primer piso DFI
Av. Blanco Encalada 2008
Santiago, Chile
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